L.A. Jazz Hipsters Celebrate Yard Bird Parker 99th: Appearing August 29 2019

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Appearing at Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center, a select cadre of LA based musicians ,formed a super Trio of veteran bassist, James Leary, Don Littleton Drummer & leader, Robert “Bobby” Pierce piano”

Meet all the Cats and Kits at 7:30PM to celebrate Charlie Parker’s 99th birthday. early Thursday evening of jazz fun and friendly head-cutting jam session immediately following the scripted portion of the evening’s festivities. Producer Robert J. Carmack first thought about celebrating “Bird’s” birthday in 2015 in front of the Leimert Park World Stage, he, and a band of 7 seven saxophonists all got together for Now’s the Time, Parker’s Mood and a bursting jolt of Crazy runs & phrasing some of the Best, including Thursday featured soloist, Randall Willis, and special invited saxophonist Dale Fielder..Now just 4 years later we have put together a rollicking show of some of Bird’s greatest recorded songs. Look for an added bolster sound in Tenor man Charles Owens, Ricky Woodard and young Chris Christopher Astoquillca on alto, the youngest saxophonist under 30, maybe 25.. It all spells FUN for everybody in attendance.See You There Thursday!(photo 2015 – Chuck Koton. Jazz archivist)

Charlie Parker’s 95th Birthday.. Just us Seven just gave him a honorary “21 Toot Salute”, Left to right , Robert J. Carmack, Shondell Johnson Baritone Sax, (unknown alto player ) Azar Lawrence soprano, Randall Willis Alto,unknown soprano player??) Dale Fielder Baritone Sax..
That day’s activities were coordinated globally around the world including New York & Kansas City, with sax man, Bobby Watson and The Charlie Parker Jazz Society.
Next Year , Carmack promises multiple-days activity for Bird’s 100 2020! Play, Poetry and an All-star concert in both LA & SF Bay area.

L.A.C.M.A. JAZZ FRIDAYS with POCKET JAZZ Presents ~featured Trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos

Pocket jazz Presents hosts Robert J. Carmack & this week’s co-host , Ms. Sandra Booker, songtress & jazz artist of top shelf variety. https://www.sandrabooker.com/ & #@blues2jazzguy

One of the beauties of living in southern California , are great weather, lots of places to go, or just chill on a beach or a hilltop. my preference has for a lot of years, checking the great music and beautiful people . Last Friday’s concert was off the chain with our old friend from Black Note, Gilbert Castellanos. Today, he’s an award-winning trumpeter. He spared no energy or musical dexterity as he galloped, and pranced, then even some “dizzying” triple-staccato phrasings on some super “Burners,” as he pushed the groove with B-3 organist Joe Bagg, and drummer Tyler Kreutel on jazz classics all night long. It hearken back to when I saw Gilbert burn High grade fuel with the late Bobby Matos Latin Jazz Band.. Fire! Sabor!! Sabor!! You can follow LACMA.org for schedules …Fridays & Latin Saturday evenings too, 5 – 7 pm . Follow me & special guests along with jazz artists or vocalists of varying degrees … through the Lens of POCKET JAZZ PRESENTS. Catch us on Face Book. the next time you want to check out great vocals with a singer that have the vocabulary of jazz in her soul Go to http://www.sandrabooker.com….


Evolution of the Groove with Vince Wilborn

via KPFK FM 90.7 in Los Angeles Fridays

He is also a producer on the Grammy-winning “Miles Ahead” soundtrack for “Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media.”
Wilburn, Jr.  is also the bandleader/drummer of Miles Electric Band, which has played to sold-out crowds at SF Jazz Center (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018), Billboard Live in Osaka and Tokyo, and at Australia’s Blues Fest (2017), Lotos Jazz Festival (2014), and at the Hollywood Bowl (2012) and Playboy Jazz Festival (2018)

About the host Vince Wilburn, Jr.
Miles Electric Band founder/drummer Vince Wilburn, Jr. brings “Evolution Of The Groove” to KPFK Radio 90.7FM in Los Angeles. In the spirit of Miles Davis, (Vince’s Uncle) the free-form,  progressive platform covers a multitude of genres and topics, designed to keep the cultural conversation moving forward. Host Wilburn, Jr., will take a deep dive into music, art, and culture with no genre boundaries Wilburn, Jr. is a highly accomplished drummer and producer, who has both toured and recorded with Miles on many legendary recordings from 1984 through 1987, including:  The GRAMMY-Award winning album “AURA” — which he co-produced; “Decoy” – which he also co-produced; “You’re Under Arrest”, and the 2008 GRAMMY nominated “Miles From India” – which hit #8 on the Billboard jazz charts. Wilburn, Jr. also toured internationally with the All-Star “Miles From India” ensemble to sell-out crowds. 

Vince the Master of the Groove!

Website Link:  https://www.mileselectricband.com/
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LA Central Ave Jazz Festival July 2019 – through the eyes of Robert J. Carmack… Music Never Sleeps!

Previous performance Not LA

Hangin’ with the T., Terreon Gulley -drums/percussion @ Central Ave, Annual Jazz Festival 2019

Can You Recognize the Jazz musicians in this Shot?? is that Ralph Moore Saxophonist??


On a classic Friday night at the World Stage in Leimert Park , the packed room was spilling over with emotion and spirituality as “Acknowledgement” jazz band led by Ishmael Hunter & Bobby West, Fuasi ,Rick Zunigar,Jeff Littleton,Michael Session, and special invited soloist; Fundi Legohn on French Horn and Robert J. Carmack Poetry. To honor and pay tribute to the group’s trumpet player who passed just last year, Steve Smith .


Acknowledgement is the title of the John Coltrane cut from the award winning album “A Love Supreme” 1965 Album of The Year. Steve Smith was a hard working musician who believed in his dream to become a working jazz musician. Sometime over the years in LA, a group of musicians got together and formed groups one of those groups were Acknowledgement.. & the other, Taumbu International Ensemble. He held two chairs down. His family wanted to do whatever they could to keep his legacy and spirit alive, by establishing a scholarship for community based individuals who have a need for assistance furthering their education regardless of school or who they are. my last time speaking to Steve Smith was last year’s Central avenue Jazz festival in Los Angeles.. He had this really old but high quality leather bag he carried his music in.. Half-hearted kidding, I tried to talk him into selling me that bag. looking him in the eyes, that bag had a story attached to it and that meant NO Way I get that bag. but I soon realized every musician or artist have a point in their life where the little stories that we encounter makes the best fodder for improvisations and composing great music. starting with possessions or treasures of simplistic value. Steve was a great musician, father, brother and community activist. He loved his family and community. That everybody there that nigh remembers well.

The first recipient is Mekala Session,the 2019 recipient of the Steve Smith Music Scholarship. On hand to lead the family presentation was Mrs Jeryl Smith.(wife) However, she spoke of the challenges of having the first one go down without a glitch.. Bobby West, longtime friend & brother to Steve, read a very emotional poem about Steve. Fuasi, another good friend of Steve’s came in from Europe to hang and hit some gigs with the Band. with the Band posturing on not replacing Steve on Trumpet , they elected to add a guitar, a real nice selection came in the person of veteran guitarist, Rick Zunigar.

Bobby West being poetic about Steve Smith Mike Session and Fuasi in background

L.A.C.M.A. JAZZ Friday’s in Los Angeles

POCKET JAZZ – Chronicles “Music Never Sleeps”

Los Angeles Jazz Singer Sandra Booker & Jazz producer /writer Robert J. Carmack Aug. 9 2019

as a Roving purveyor of the Hip and swingin’ I Observed a battle Royale of Hard Bop music by the Ricky Woodard Quintet – paying Homage to Hank Mobley & Blue Mitchell and many other Blue Note stars.

Dynamic Duo does it again!

Jazz musicians Ricky Woodard saxophones & Don Littleton drums posing after Jazz concert at LACMA.. featuring Ricky on Sax and Don popping rim shots in back of quintet. Don Littleton is slated for a Charlie Yard Bird Parker show as leader and music director for Pocket Jazz Presents.. Celebratin’ Yard Bird 99-21 Toot Salute. Along with Don and his Super Trio including James Leary bass, Bobby Pierce piano, and himself on drums & percussion. Special invited guests stars , Randall Willis, Charles Owens, Ricky Woodard and young Christopher Astoquilla on saxophones. some vocals surprises and highlighting a scene.. Robert J. Carmack performing from original play regarding Yard Bird Parker.Wounded Feathers: a jazz tragedy. its debuting in L.A. August 2020.

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Celebratin’ the Bird is presented by Pocket Jazz Presents & Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center August 29th 2019 @7:30PM 4303 Degnan Blvd. LA 90008 $$=$20. exclusively on http://www.eventbrite.com search “21 Toot Salute” Cash App alternative ~ code:$1932Ruby