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The Hipster Sanctuary  E-Zine  is focused primarily on UNSUNG  artists of  Jazz, Blues and Soul Genres. We profile, explore, interview and publicize information to commemorate, or uplift the legacy of these artists who gave it their all during their time in the public’s eye.  “By Any Medium Necessary”  

We may have special events recognizing these artists as groups, or individually honoring them.

Also include individuals who contributed to the innovations and quality of the music through productions,  press, radio and film. Artists emerging or still performing on a high level will be acknowledged as well.

We welcome ideas, suggestions, photos, and guest writers to participate as well.

Contact Us: blues2jazz2003@yahoo.com

 Robert J. Carmack , Editor/Photographer/Actor Musician/Producer/Playwright/Promoter

sepia Robert on sax

Robert has spent numerous years in entertainment as musician, actor, producer ,writer and photo/journalist across many genres including Jazz, Soul/R&B and Blues. Co-founded The Paul Robeson Players, The Atlanta International Jazz Society, The SFBAAAM  (San Francisco Bay-Area African American Musicians)worked as publicist, promoter and producer for live concerts and awards shows.

An expert in Jazz & Blues history, Robert studied Music, Communications and Theater Arts in college. He holds a Bachelors of Theater Arts Degree from California State University Dominguez Hills.  Masters Fine Arts-Columbia University-School of the Arts- Theater Management & Producing. Film Studies-University of Southern California. Passionate patron of  Youth in the Fine Arts & Education.

 Contributing  Writers:

Kristina McBride International

 James Chism – East Coast – Jazz

  Jean-Marie Juif – International Archivist/Jazz Historian

 Eric Wattree – Southern California -National Jazz. 

Chuck Koton – Photo Journalist at – Large

 Robert J. Carmack – Jazz-Blues- Classic Soul/R&B/Poetry

Featured Special Art works in Jazz: SAM PACE..” The Street”

10 thoughts on “About / Contact Us

  1. Today in Jazz history
    November 6th
    Arranger Andy Gibson born 1913 in Zanesville, OH
    Pianist Claude Thornhill’s band records Gil Evans arrangement of Donna Lee featuring alto saxophonist Lee Konitz, 1947.
    The World Saxophone Quartet records Steppin 1981

    World Saxophone Quartet – Basel 1980
    David Murray, ts. Julius Hemphill, as. Oliver Lake, as. Hamiet Bluiett, brs. Rec. Stadttheater Basel 1980

    Claude Thornhill – Donna Lee (1947)

    Albert “Andy” Gibson-As a composer, he composed “I Left My Baby” (popularized by Count Basie). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zvdeS3_XFg


  2. I love what Robert Carmack is doing here. I stumbled upon it this morning, and I added it to the blogroll of my blog even before I found out that the site was produced by Robert, who is also a talented and knowledgeable musician.

    This is the kind of thing that more of us who have a knowledge of old-school culture should be getting into. Because due to a media that’s solely concerned with the dollar, and watering down the very best that we’ve created to accommodate their agenda of mass consumption, much of the genius, and the quality that’s been produced by that genius within the Black community, has been shoved to the side and being relegated to the waste bin of obscurity. That’s how our rich history has been lost in the past.

    So thank you, Bro. Carmack, for keeping the flame alive, and your efforts to remind our young people of just how special they are – how special we are.

    Eric L. Wattree


  3. Hipsters Sanctuary is a valuble resource for serious minded music lovers.Whether its blues,jazz,r&b soul or fusion.Its one of the best places to learn,listen and like what you read,hear and see.
    Automatically,you get a sense of whats happening here.You get the chance to read in-depth articles.Mind blowing videos.And commentary from the the likes of,Jean Marie Juif (Jazz Historian)
    James Chism ( East Coat Jazz)
    Eric Wattree ( National Jazz) & Robert.J.Carmack ( Jazz Blues) .
    I just didn’t stumble upon this blog.I have actually been freinds with a few of these cats via Facebook for a number of years.And value the musical opinions of each.While critiquing the levels of knowledge in all of them.No,im not by any means putting them down.Or saying that, what they write or say is written in stoneYou just have to always have your ears and mind open.To the knowledge and history coming forth from each individual.l.Furthermore im not a writer,jazz historian,critc or musician.I just happen to be the nephew of the late Duke Pearson.Atanta native and Blue Note recording artist.Who is a die heart jazz lover.That have learned much.By listening to the cats i mentioned above.There’s a time to listen.And theres a time to talk Anybody cann talk about anything under the sun.But if you dont know what you are talking about Then (Houston We Have A Problem)
    A gratitude of humble thanks to R.J.Carmack and Jean Marie Juif.
    Thanks for all the support.And thanks for helping keeping that great classical jazz alive.


  4. Beautiful Blog, man. Just beautiful. I love the unsung giants, too. Spent 40 years interviewing, writing and broadcasting about Detroit’s unsung giants: Ray McKinney, Maurice King, Phil Lasley, George Benson, J.C. Heard, Johnnie Bassett, Alberta Adams, etc. etc. I’ve marked your site and will return to your Beautiful Blog many times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Man You gave us a great comment two years ago Just wanted to check in with you .. Before I got The Online Blog going , I was living in Atlanta.. Met Gaylynne McKinney , Her Father died ( Harold just as I was preparing to a John Coltrane Tribute in Atlanta Int’l Jazz Society show in 2001., The McKinney Family of Detroit.. Ray the bassist and I was a Big Kiane Zawadi( Bernard McKinney) fan.


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