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McCoy Tyner Tribute Quartet photo RJ Carmack


Roy McCurdy Drums photo Chuck Loton


Theo Saunders Keyboards with Juini Booth in background photo C. Koton


Robert J. Carmack Emcee/Spoken Word Poet photo A. Scott Galloway


A. Scott Galloway Music journalist


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Had the pleasure of taking in some smokin’ live jazz with fireworks as a backdrop for my 4th of July at a new REAL Jazz spot in Glendale named Zebulon. The quartet on deck equally featured saxophonist Azar Lawrence, drummer Roy McCurdy, keyboardist Theo Saunders and bassist Juini Booth paying homage to McCoy Tyner, John Coltrane and Elvin Jones. The emcee for the evening was Robert J. Carmack who also got in two powerful spoken word pieces with these giants at his back.

Try to make it out to this fine new venue which has a bar/lounge in front and a nice sized room for live music in the back. Also has valet parking and limited adjacent free parking on the streets behind it…on Fletcher Drive just north of Riverside Drive. Consider yourself hip tipped!





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There are many piano players in the world, boiling down that premise to just Jazz piano players is not a solution either. One could just look inside a union directory, or go on a jazz site and start counting under the letter P.

However, when you call out “women jazz piano players” ,ahhhhh, now that cleaves it down to  almost a virtual-handful in the scheme of things. One of these ladies that stand out, but still “under the radar” is New York born,Lenore Raphael              (born Lenore Hyams). lenore-raphael-smallnow3

Lenore is a jazz pianist and educator heavily influenced by Oscar Peterson, George Shearing and the great Bill Evans, just a few of the many legendary artists who have touched the life of this  “Lady of Jazz.” without getting all “cliché” Lenore is a Pianist’s Pianist. What helped form that opinion by music masters many years ago was her PERFORMING at…

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Re-posting about a great show and homage to a great jazz composer and musician. Original show August 2015. Enjoy!

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One of the best feeling in the world is when you plan,execute and get back a return on your effort in double spades..No, I’m not playing cards, even though I am using a card game metaphor. On August 22,last saturday night, a group of master musicians, two vocalists! and a poet came together in a show entitled,The Genius and Music of DUKE PEARSON: Thank You Uncle Duke

DUKE NOW CIGARETTE Blue Note Arranger Producer,Composer 1960s photo by Francis Wolff

Working with Jon Williams to secure the World Stage with our idea to honor a man, most deserving equally,as the man who founded the world Stage, Billy Higgins. Higgins was one of the most recorded drummer in jazz history. Pearson had his hands on many of the classic albums ever produced by Blue Note Records, many of which was backed by Billy Higgins on drums,

Robert Carmack Poet Robert Carmack…

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As a side-note in remembering Arthur Blythe,. I am reposting a story I did back in 2014 about his need for help..via Gust Tsilis. a former band mate.

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Growing up during the early 1960s  people of my generation was soaking up a lot of “STUFF” politically, socially,economically and musically… some of the big guns that were speaking to the progressive Black youth   were the artists of the so-called Avant Garde movement like John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor and by the Late 60s, Black Arthur..  Arthur Blythe was spitting phrases on his alto like an Amiri Baraka poem.. hitting you in the gut with truth and spiritual bliss. His signature bluesy, buttery-vibrato laden tone. Unique band instrumentation was his calling card incorporating a tuba as a lead and comping instrument was not unusual for Blythe.   The last time I saw him live was early 2004 at Yoshi’s Jazz house in Oakland California. He has been ill for a while now , including a serious daily battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  He…

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As we approach the birthday of a musical genius and hard working family man. I have reprinted my blog for your enjoyment

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Charles Stephney The Great Musical Genius Charles Stepney

Arranger/producer Charles Stepney is heard on gold and platinum hits by the Dells and Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as Chicago soul acts ranging from Rotary Connection to Terry Callier. While a staff arranger and producer at Chicago-based Chess Records, label artist Ramsey Lewis recorded one of his tunes, “Close Your Eyes and Remember,” on a ’60s Chess LP. Stepney worked with Lewis on his Chess sides and his 1975 gold Columbia album Sun Goddess, which peaked at #12 on Billboard’s Top POP 200 Albums chart in early 1975. Lewis, Elton John, and many of his peers list Charles Stepney as a strong musical influence.  Dells group member, Chuck Barksdale met Vibes player Stepney, who headed his own jazz trio. The meeting proved to be pivotal for Charles, who began doing orchestral arrangements on the Dells’…

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robert-j-carmack-as-robby-royale Robert J. Carmack as Robby Royale – Club Alabam-2014

Our Publisher and Editor in Chief has been tapped to perform a role in the One Night Only Production of “North On South Central” a musical Play directed by Carla Clark and produced by TPC. Warner Grand Theater   478 W.6th Street San Pedro, California   310-548-2493

Mr. Carmack is a Theater Arts major and alumnus of Cal State University,Dominguez Hills. Robert was asked to recreate his character from the N.O.S. spin-off, The Club Alabam MC, Robby Royale. He’s the house M.C. for the club. He will charm the audience and introduce the show and engage with the audience as a “Host with the Most” should. Alabam, another TPC production was staged in 2014 ,Inglewood California. Mr. Carmack is well-known  locally as a jazz archivist and journalist/musician/poet in Los Angeles. He’s constantly working with local musicians…

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NINA early 60sSIMONE early 1960s

With the upcoming production of NINA, a so-called biopic surrounding the life and loves of Nina Simone. There is tremendous opposition to the film from all sides and motives. It certainly has been no secret how I felt about the casting of Zoe Saldana in the starring role.I can’t speak for everybody who objects, but my reasons are not about just the pigmentation of the actress’s skin.  It also goes to the arrogant notion that you could make a valid movie about such a historical and iconic figure without involving the family.

NINA 1965NOW NATURAL Seen in 1965, Nina was among the first to sport a Natural..

Also, making the movie about a love story between an artist who very name commands a certain amount of respect and truth when depicting her contributions. The whole notion of this movie  I’m told, it’s not a…

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