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Certainly no stranger to creating eclectic ambiance, jazz bassist Juini Booth rolls into Los Angeles with all the excitement of the second coming!.. But realistically, He’s put together a great team of Brooklyn Club owners that loves’ Jazz served up New York style, with a stellar group of musicians, including a jazz poet.

It makes one wonder if he will come with a combination Sun Ra, or Chicago Art Ensemble. We’ve been told most of the material will be in the spirit of the Atlantis album by McCoy Tyner ,recorded LIVE in 1974 at the celebrated Keystone Korner. Adding some spoken word sprinkled in. ” We expect a very diverse audience with impeccable taste in Music, Art and Hipness” .

In Brooklyn , the Zebulon Cafe was quite popular among the young and the young at heart, chided Booth.  Juini  has shaped a very stellar career in music , sometimes dropping off the Jazz scene to tackle other musical genres. “This allows me to open up to all types of music, sounds and rhythms.  His impeccable list of bandleaders and recording projects are a “Who’s Who” in Jazz. McCoy Tyner, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders and Freddie Hubbard to name a few. In addition to playing and recording projects, Juini’s  been spending his available hours with a project he holds dear to him, the Wilbur Ware Institute. He teaches and inspires young musicians in New York.

Band personnel: Juini Booth leader/bass, Roy McCurdy drums, piano Benito Gonzalez, Azar Lawrence saxophones, guest jazz poet, Robert J. Carmack 

JULY 4th 2017  8pm- 10PM only 


Tixs: $10 advance $12 at door

Zebulon, 2478 Fletcher Drive.(323) 662-0966 (club only)







Press/Info re-Band Attn:R.J. #@blues2jazzguy  blues2jazz2003@yahoo.com 951-840-7120




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L.A. Calif_ It was announced by leader/spokesman Robert J. Carmack, that a collaboration of musicians,vocalists,arrangers and poets have formed PLIGHT. Plight is a grassroots performance ensemble featuring iconic jazz compositions integrated with spoken word and “vocalese” arrangements. Seriously dedicated to preserving the legacy of improvised American classical music,better known as Jazz.

R J Carmack- Producer-Poet-musician-journalist
R J Carmack- Producer-Poet-musician-journalist

Robert J. Carmack ,musician,poet,producer and journalist first came up with the concept through a long time association with some of  the core group members, when in August of 2015, he got together with master pianist, Bobby West, on a project paying homage to Blue Note Records jazz icon, Duke Pearson.

West was instrumental in taking the hand-selected compositions of Pearson, which gave plenty of challenges with spiritual,hard bop and swinging tunes integrating poetry by Carmack and other writers. Adding Northern California pianist/arranger , James Armstrong was a no brainer,according to Carmack.

“James and I often engaged in long conversations about music, the preservation of certain jazz compositions and key artists that we thought should be recognized, it was easy to connect the dots. We saw eye to eye on Duke Pearson and his “Unsung” career in music, That became the initial project that started the ball rolling” said Carmack.

San Jose based music educator/transcriptionist,arranger James Armstrong
San Jose based musician, educator,arranger James Armstrong

Taking a page from the classic Blue Note recordings vault under the creativity of Carmack,West and Armstrong in order to bring magic to the bandstand.  “We are bringing back some of the key  and core musicians we used last summer to form this new band which will be debuting in July 2016.”said Carmack, as he showed me some of the recently completed arrangements by James Armstrong.  Robert selected what can be called stellar tunes written or recorded by iconic jazz artists, Jackie McLean and Bobby Hutcherson.

First of all, those two artists were a huge part of the 1960s/70s jazz scene with gigantic success throughout that era with remarkable recorded products to bolster their iconic stature, Carmack went on to say.  “Part of this stellar core group is percussionist/woodwind specialist , Derf Reklaw. Derf brings a special set of experiences and skills that gives us an edge with all of these cuts.” Derf Reklaw on Flute

Bobby West, a formidable Jazz master pianist, born in Los Angeles, grew up in a city that had a plethora of jazz icons living there, and lots of venues at the time to ply your craft. After-all, with jazz legends like Gerald Wilson, Plas Johnson, Freddie Hubbard,Billy Higgins, Horace Tapscott,just to name a few.

Robert J. Carmack first met Bobby West while hanging out in the early 90s at Billy Higgins World Stage jam sessions. Bobby would often be among a group of top-shelf piano players active inside the Leimert Park Village Arts community, among them , Horace Tapscott, Nate Morgan,Harold Land jr. and Bobby Pierce. Carmack went on to say “Bobby West, in my opinion possessed all the ingredients and the passion of a contemporary version of Red Garland and Bobby Timmons.  Plight is putting together an evening of  a grassroots, acoustical Art presentation that’s rich in passion musicianship and spirituality engrained inside the music and poetry.(Follow hipstersanctuary.com for Plight’s debut info)

Bobby West @ North Sea Jazz Festival
Bobby West @ North Sea Jazz Festival




Carmack will announce the rest of the band at a later date, due to some special circumstances regarding contracts. The instrumentation is piano,bass, drums, percussion/woodwinds, poet, vocalist and vibist. We’re very excited about the concept and looking forward to debuting at the famous WORLD STAGE in Leimert Park Saturday July 30,Los Angeles,California. 








Bobby Dreads in brown tints
actor,journalist and playwright – Robert J. Carmack

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Jazz Appreciation month is only weeks away , when a cavalcade  of events are unleashed across the globe and especially in the USA . Venues spring up everywhere with festivals, concerts, symposiums, exhibits and just good old-fashioned  Jam sessions. However, fortunately for many of us, the fans of classic jazz and spoken word together. we have a special performance one night only event  in Pasadena California. The Kingston Cafe debut of The Dale Fielder Quartet, celebrating 20 years of music together . In addition, Poet /Actor and Playwright, Robert J. Carmack performing original and some poems written by local grassroots poets from Los Angeles.

The evening’s festivities are being presented by Moon Glow Productions , a jazz presenter in Pasadena, in association with the Music Blog, Hipster Sanctuary.Com, celebrating this month, 17 years of writing about jazz and musical icons legacies .

Dale Fielder Quartet
The DFQ Now celebrating 20 years as a group shown l-r Drums-Thomas White, Saxes- Dale Fielder, bass Bill “the Count” Markus, and piano Jane Getz

JAZZ SPOKEN HERE: The Dale Fielder Quartet with special Spoken Word performance by Robert J. Carmack

April 18  7PM – 9PM   One Night Only

KINGSTON CAFE   Just South of Del Mar at Fair Oaks.

333 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 818-3160  more info – Moon Glow Productions


Every April, Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) highlights the glories of jazz as both a historical and a living treasure. Here is one special month to draw greater public attention to the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz and its importance to American culture. Musicians, concert halls, schools, colleges, museums, libraries and public broadcasters are encouraged to offer special programs during this month.

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History (which operates the world’s most comprehensive set of jazz programs) leads this initiative in concert with a distinguished roster of federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations and broadcasting networks.

The story of America is embedded in the spirit and rhythms of jazz; captured in beats that have traveled through the African Diaspora and a spirit of freedom that has impassioned slave and free-born, immigrant and migrant since America’s founding.


See more at: http://americanjazzmuseum.org/event/jazz-appreciation-month-jam-2014/#sthash.Mg8pucCx.dpuf