Los Angeles’s very own Tracey Whitney is off and running with her new CD (Baby Doll Entertainment Label release), “I Am Singing.. Songs I Love”. a joyful homage to songwriters and performing artists who have inspired her own singing and writing. Tracey dives into classic works by Stevie Wonder, Laura Nyro,Antonio Carlos Jobim and Michael Franks. Choosing to deal with the lesser covered songs of these masters, Tracey uncovers new soil, and breathes new life into Laura Nyro’s Eli Coming, a big hit by Three Dog Night in the early 70s. It was the root-idea for this musical project, “I just couldn’t get the song ,Eli’s Coming, out of my head, so I went into the studio with co-producer and multi-instrumentalist, Herman “Hollywood” Dawkins, recalls Tracey. It was getting good after laying-down the first group of songs by her favorite artists. Whitney and Hawkins just kept going which spawned several original songs,which is anchored by the lovely and memorable,              I’d Be Lying (I Miss You). This was penned by the writing duo of Tracey & Dawkins.

Baby Doll Entertainment Label , which is Whitney’s very own label that produced the much-acclaimed, LOVE..A Fable in 9 Acts in 2007. This time she wanted to put out a diverse group of songs that is radio friendly and takes the listener on a musical journey through Latin, smooth jazz, silky medium tempos and soulful POP ballads. Whitney even weaved a brilliant rendition of Garth Brooks song with a “Beatles” feel, Wrapped Up In You. The I’m Singing..Songs I Love CD kicks off with a very airy-smooth Brazilian ocean breeze version of Stevie Wonder’s “Ngiculela -I’m Am Singing” followed by Roberta Flack ‘s hit Where Is The Love. “I couldn’t complete this project without a Michael Jackson tune. I was devastated , like millions of people by the loss of Michael in 2009. “I hope you enjoy my rendition of Stevie Wonder/Susaye Greene’s hypnotic groove, I Can’t Help It, from the OFF THE WALL album. Enjoy our arrangements of some truly wonderful classics, but you’ll love our original songs as well.” for more information about tours and the artist’s music go to .

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