Alex BugnonIn a sweeping update, finally the shroud of secrecy was broken  by #Contemporary Jazz artist, #Alex Bugnon. From an unnamed location,Byrd’s nephew  confirmed what only a handful of people already knew. Reporting that his 80 year uncle had indeed died on Monday, February 4th, adding that for some reason, other family members were trying to shroud his passing in secrecy. “I have no more patience for this unnecessary shroud of secrecy placed over his death by certain members of his immediate family,” stated his nephew. So far the exact cause of death has not been made public. This writer filed a statement early Monday morning  based on another close relative’s account. However, this family member was not given the go-ahead to officially  speak for the entire family. Working only with a limited amount of information Hipster Sanctuary purged ahead speaking with everybody but, “direct family” who remained in the shadows of unsaid secrecy. Whatever their reasons are their reasons, but Donald Byrd the artist, needs to be shared with the world freely as his music flowed. This writer believes Donald Byrd’s true impact and music contributions, has yet to be tallied and recognized.  Byrd began his jazz career in the early 1950s with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. His body of work throughout the entire 1960s will never be duplicated, followed by an overwhelming and popular 1970s  group and records and awards.. Follow this #music writer #Robert J. Carmack here at #Hipster Sanctuary.wordpress.com or @blues2jazzguy


DB as Kid w trumpet

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