Did You Know Kenny Dorham was AKA Walter Gil Fuller composer/arranger??

Hipster Sanctuary

KD on Uptown label

posted by Robert J. Carmack _”In my opinion, pound for pound, he was among the “best of the best” trumpeters from all eras. In 1965, I was sitting in my jazz band class ,where I held down the alto sax chair..every Friday  was free-time where the student musicians  all breakup into small groups, go into the small sound proof practice rooms. That’s when we pull out our own records and learn the “heads” to the great jazz tunes of the day, or standards being played on many jazz stages everywhere. My best friend, Larry R. (RIP) at the time played trumpet, and was very much into the best of trumpet players.”

“He was the first one to bring Una Mas to class, certainly my first time hearing it, we had so much fun trying to play the record, then match up the tones of our instruments with the record.. especially…

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