Re-posting about a great show and homage to a great jazz composer and musician. Original show August 2015. Enjoy!

Hipster Sanctuary

posted by @blues2jazzguy concert photos only by Jerone Myles

One of the best feeling in the world is when you plan,execute and get back a return on your effort in double spades..No, I’m not playing cards, even though I am using a card game metaphor. On August 22,last saturday night, a group of master musicians, two vocalists! and a poet came together in a show entitled,The Genius and Music of DUKE PEARSON: Thank You Uncle Duke

DUKE NOW CIGARETTE Blue Note Arranger Producer,Composer 1960s photo by Francis Wolff

Working with Jon Williams to secure the World Stage with our idea to honor a man, most deserving equally,as the man who founded the world Stage, Billy Higgins. Higgins was one of the most recorded drummer in jazz history. Pearson had his hands on many of the classic albums ever produced by Blue Note Records, many of which was backed by Billy Higgins on drums,

Robert Carmack Poet Robert Carmack…

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  1. jamesarmstrongmusic says:

    Thanks, Rob !

    On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 2:52 AM, Hipster Sanctuary wrote:

    > Robert J. Carmack posted: “Re posting about a great show and homage to a > great jazz composer and musician” >


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