Paying Homage to Greatness: Bongo Ras Starr Master Series

Things are moving along it only took almost 6 years to learn who painted this portrait of Jazz icon, Horace Tapscott.. I’m determined to find and interview this fabulous artist, His work on the Icon, Rahsaan Roland Kirk is nothing short of Brilliant. Follow Us on our new series for 2020, Artists on Artists in Jazz.. If You are an artist who wishes his work to be shown to a jazz audience of international fans. over 50,000 hits.. a good number of straight followers.send samples to attn: Kamaad Tauhid –

Artists on Artists in Jazz: a master series on iconic Jazz artists painted, or carved, photographed or assemblage art & the Avant Garde. submit samples at : attn: Kamaad Tauhid

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

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