Sunny The Snowman: Mandrill feat. Lou Wilson

Sunny The Snowman: Mandrill feat. Lou Wilson  (click)

#Sunny The Snowman,one of the last projects completed by Louis Wilson, eldest brother of the  Wilson Brothers in Mandrill. “Sweet Lou” as he was affectionately called, sang lead and co-wrote this soon to be holiday classic song. “Sweet Lou” Wilson  passed away Monday morning,January 7 ,2013. The #Wilson family is asking fans and well wishers to light a candle,play a drum, and,or, say a prayer…”Lou would love that”. in a statement issued by surviving brothers, Ricardo(Doc), Wolf(Wilfredo) and Carlos Wilson.. #RIP Sweet Lou Wilson.. No other statements are available at this time regarding memorials or a funeral. follow this story and writer Robert J. Carmack via twitter @blues2jazzguy

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Robert J. Carmack

Media Consultant, Digital Marketing and Promotions/Branding Strategies M.F.A. - Theater Arts-Directing/Production Columbia University New York B.A. Degree -Theater Arts/Communications Cal State Univ. Dom. Hills Post-grad education: USC- Film & New Media Quincy Jones Producers Workshop/L.A. California Live in So. California, grew up in Los Angeles

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