LOUIS WILSON, affectionately known as “Sweet Lou,”  of the World Music group, #MANDRILL, made his transition on Monday morning, January 7, 2013 in Southern California. On behalf of the Wilson Family and Mandrill, they’re asking that you please light a candle, hum a song, play a drum or say a prayer in remembrance of him.

Louis Wilson was eldest of four talented brothers,including Ricardo, Wilfredo and Carlos.  MANDRILL came “outta da bush” four decades ago pushing the musical envelope with a hard-driving combination of heavy horns and heavy percussion deftly layered on a complex mix of Funk, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Rock and Afro-Caribbean sounds, pioneering a genre called “World Music.”  This cultural mash-up is a staple of the industry today. Because of their innovative work, #Grammy Award-winning MANDRILL commands enthusiastic adoration from supporters around the world .

Services and memorial plans have not been announced by family as of yet.

(on left) Sweet Lou Wilson - Mandrill  Trumpet/Percussions & vocals
Lou Wilson shown on left photo by David  Carmack

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