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  1. Lee Hildebrand says:

    Where is Doug coming to?


    1. Hello Lee, thank you for interest in Doug Carn. I’ve just recently started working with Doug Carn as a Management Rep . we’re in the process of putting together a Reunion Tour with former wife, Jean Carne. no official dates have been set as we’re just in the embryonic phase of putting an array of venues overseas and select cities in the US for 2013.. It will be billed as REVELATION:Doug & Jean Carn World Reunion. the January 25 date is only the date I will post the interview in Hipster Sanctuary. Who are you writing for these days? Are you in the Bay area now? You and Zan Stewart were my favorite writers for entertainment in Los Angeles for years. I’ve just moved back to SoCal. we’re open to any interviews for Doug. feel free to contact me for further information. blues2jazz2003@yahoo.com or 951-840-7120 twitter:@blues2jazzguy


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