Nothing is better than a Wynton Kelly Solo

Empty Chair

Wynton Kelly: Kelly Great (1959) 1993

Kelly Great

Track list:

01. Wrinkles
02. Mama ‘G’
03. June Night
04. What Know
05. Sydney


Lee Morgan – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – tenor sax
Wynton Kelly – piano
Paul Chambers – bass
‘Philly’ Joe Jones – drums

Recorded: Fine Sound Studios, New York City; August 12, 1959
Released: 1959
Label: Vee-Jay
LP/SR 1016
Title on original cover is misspelled “Kelley Great” and artist’s name is misspelled “Wynton Kelley.”
Name is correct on reverse and labels, and corrected on later pressings.

LP/SR 3004 [1960, re-issue]

NVJ2-907 [1993, CD, re-issue, re-mastered]
Track 5 incorrectly listed as ‘Sidney’ on the release.

#01,03: string section (dir. Bill Marx) overdub issued as part of:
Vee-Jay VJLP 1086, VJLPS 1086 – The Best Of Wynton Kelly; and
Trip TLX 5010 – Wynton Kelly – Smokin’

Original Session Producer: Sid McCoy
Recording Engineer:

Original Liner Notes: Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley


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One thought on “TRC

  1. Each talent that collaborated on this classic “individually” sticks out like a soar thumb; highly recognizable to all that were “(F)renquency (M)odulated.

    ” Don’t be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life.”


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