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The Wonderful World of Jazz is on http://www.kebnradio.com CLICK ON THE LINK  DAILY at NOON (PST)

posted by Robert J.Carmack

We Play Great Music!!   Oscar Brown Jr. Kicks off the show today followed by: 1) Michael Session – “Quagmire Manor At 5AM” (Michael Session ‘N Session) 2) Eugenie Jones – “I Want One” (Black Lace , Blue Tears) 3) Jose Rizo’s Mongorama – “Skins” (Baila Que Baila) BREAK 4) The Quintet – “Perdido” (Jazz At Massey Hall) 5) Dennis Rowland – “I Could Write A Book” (Live At Kazmierz) 6) Miles Davis – “I Could Write A Book” (Relaxin’ W/The Miles Davis Quintet) BREAK 7) Kenny Garrett – “Alpha Man” (Pushing The World Away) And that’s just the 1st hour! Stay tuned for: 1) Thelonious Monk – “Well, You Needn’t” (Monk’s Music) 2) Barbara Morrison – “On The Sunny Side Of The Street” (A Sunday Kind Of Love) 3) Warren Wolf – “Things Were Done Yesterday” (Wolfgang) BREAK 4) Jimmy McConnell – “Blues Backstage” (Swinging-N-Grooving) 5) Oscar Brown Jr. – “Brother Where Are You? / 40 Acres And A Mule” (Oscar Brown Jr. Goes To Washington) 6) Eddie Harris – “1974 Blues” (The Best Of Eddie Harris) BREAK 7) Sonny Clark – “Blues Blue” (My Conception) 8) Judy Wexler – “Just For Now” (What I See) 9) Cannonball Adderley – “Why Am I Treated So Bad” (The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Live At The Jazz Workshop)  ENJOY!”

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