Airto Moriera Eclectic Brazilian Group EYEDENTITY WOWED L.A. CROWD

posted by Robert J. Carmack   @blues2jazzguy

As I sped down the 60 Freeway headed into Los Angeles’s wilshire/fairfax district on my way to see the Latin concert with Airto Moriera and the LA group, Eyedentity , Oh Crap! I realized I left my camera.  Driving into LA made me realize why I chose to move to away from the traffic and into the inland empire. By the time I got there, I still had enough time left before it started, to grab some seats up front. since I was not working , just relaxing and chillin’ with the vibe.

Airto II  6 7 14
L-R Airto Moriera master percussionist & journalist Robert J. Carmack

since i I was not working , I had no work tools, computer, camera etc. I jotted down all my notes on players and people I wanted to talk about Saturday at LACMA on my paper bag I brought food in, I even asked a guy to take this pix for me on my phone. Well the pix came out great , but I think while I was taking the pixs  the crew mistook my notes on the paper bag as trash… quite trying!! Anyway, I know that Airto’s  and Flora Purim’s daughter( Diana Booker) was singing and singing she did. she blew blistering Portuguese -laced songs  with  grooves  that was out of this stratosphere. followed by a medium tempo samba , sprinkled with hip hop effects. Then, as  if that was not enough for us, the Band laid – out(did not play) while she and the conguero (Krisna Booker , son of jazz bassist Walter Booker) tore the house down with their Hip-Hop infused song.  Krisna did a Beat-Box style rhythm  with his throat, as she sang over that  remarkable  tune.  Before that, she went back in time of  African slaves “field holler” type Blues version of “Feelin Good” with no music, just her  voice. I found her “jazz & blues chops” to be just  sublime.!__bio

If You are doing nothing on Saturday evenings, try coming to the Saturday concerts all summer at LACMA  in the park.  Sorry to say,         I can only remember a couple of players (the dog ate my notes)Lol!!       It was good see a great musician I have admired for years as a master percussionist Mr Airto Moriera!!  BTW,interesting was the pianist , who just a week ago was burning down the stage with his playing  as part of the Cal Tjader legacy band, Soul Sauce, Mr  Brian Volasco. The bass player is a monster as he was “tearing up Sh—” with his 6-stringed bass, Mr. Gary Brown, longtime Band mate of Airto and member in good standing with  Drummer E.W. Wainwright  &  saxophonist Richard Howell groups in the San Francisco bay area.

Next week,Saxophonist  Ernie Watts review  on Friday Jazz @ LACMA!

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