Jazz and Blues entertainer, Barbara Morrison is joining forces with musicians, content developers, including bandleader, Don Littleton and Elephants Nda Park and Pocket Jazz Presents to create a campaign for Healing through a music series On-line through Facebook.

” All these musicians you see on our new online concert series are my personal friends” exclaimed a jubilant Morrison. Healing Force 4 Peace Concert and CD Release of Elephants Nda Park Band. today, there is so much anxiety, chaos, unjust policies, violent killings of Black men and women in our streets without much room to heal or gather one’s self as the ping-pong like traumatic PANDEMIC forever changing on a moment’s notice. We offer a special brand of global music that adopts many rhythms, genres, and spoken word all providing Our RX for healing through music and meditation. the concert live streaming is scheduled for Thursday,September 24, at Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center in Leimert Park Village. (L.A.) showtime can be accessed through barbaramorrison.com to give donations to support these musicians and artist who no fault of theirs just trying to survive, many do not qualify for traditional unemployment benefits.. Barbara Morrison is on the front lines of supporting the arts , especially musicians and singers.

Utilizing the cards she was dealt ,through providing entertainment in a virtual safe and pandemic free venue at BMPAC in Los Angeles. Nobody treats the local musicians better than Barbara when it comes to supporting our mental health through Music and meditation. A typical show will offer an hour plus of dynamic meditation and spiritual healing through Jazz , blues pop and other world music. with no other options than live streams until this pandemic subsides. so your monetary donations are very much needed. contact the organization direct, if you are a corporation seeking to find out how you can help as a member of the patron levels group. (barbaramorrison.com)

Barbara Morrison present Jon Mayer trio with Marvin Smitty Smith on drums and Will Lyle bass.

Last year in August the collaboration of Morrison , Littleton and Carmack came together to present an original show produced by Robert J. Carmack , 21 Toot Salute: Yardbird’s 99th birthday ,August 29th ,with special “YardBird” tunes performed by an all-star band made up of solid jazz veterans including Don Littleton drums, Charles Owens tenor sax, Randall Willis on alto sax and a newby Chris Astroquilla alto sax, James Leary Bass and Bobby Pierce on piano. headlined by a scene from the original play by Carmack , who performed as a Charlie Parker. “This year, because of pandemic No theater & plays . We are coming together to help Heal the Hate, frustration and anxiety through our music and spoken words dramatic or poetry said Robert J. Carmack .. Elephants Nda Park is the Right Rx.

Don Littleton has expanded the core group of Don Littleton on drums/percussions, Pablo Cologero on woodwinds, bassist Mike Alvidrez plus added Guitarist /Sarod player,Heydey Tokunaga, Vibist/Steel drums ,Slam Nobles, and Andrew Acosta on various percussion. a spiritual healing world musical sound fused through jazz , world music and latin grooves and even ancient instruments from Africa and Afghanistan.

shown Pablo Cologero, Mike Alvidrez and poet /writer/producer Robert J. Carmack

Content developer and promo man, Robert J. Carmack is putting together a call-out to the Arts Community for a Mass Healing Force 4 Peace led by Elephants Nda Park , and Barbara Morrison .

We are seeking the entire Los Angeles community and surrounding areas that love music and the performing arts community to adopt our phrase that pays dividends in healing , Music is Our Medicine!

our mass campaign to enroll music lovers into our army of healers group,Healing Force 4 Peace!

For more information go to facebook page: @FreedomJazzDance or email us at pocketjazz@musician.org and call regarding Elephants Nda Park at 951-456 -9134

Don Littleton & Elephants Nda Park is available to day on http://www.amazon.com

Don Littleton & Elephants Nda Park Live at World Stage 2019 (Latin version)

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