Los Angeles _ October 19, 2022 . .recently announced during the Jazz, Blues and Beyond Summit held in Los Angeles.  
The new entertaining “Performers Alley” is a live streaming series.  The hip and eclectic show is presented twice a month via the internet.  Tickets can be purchased through VIEW STUB, the exclusive digital ticketing service. Long time jazz musicians and Production producing partners at Music Arts Network – David Cousins serves as the Executive Producer with Host and Producer Robert J Carmack.
The pair has by their side iconic singer and Executive Director of World Stage  (Los Angeles) Dwight Trible and Linda Sam as part of the unique marketing team. 
The series offers great music, access to artists, one on one q&a;  all under the segment “ASK the ARTIST”. There’s added music chat rooms under the performers and artists that are being showcased in upcoming shows. 
You simply need to join the Facebook page “PERFORMERS ALLEY” ; there you can check out the sights and sounds, exclusive content, vintage concerts, previous legendary concerts, interviews, artists commentaries, special guests, notable painters-sculptors, poets and more. 
A very cool and fun place to come and hang out online, and its reasonable priced.  
The upcoming shows are at the World Stage in November, with legendary jazz artist Dale Fielder Quartet, plus a special presentation of the birthday concert celebration of World Stage founder Billy Higgins. This one of a kind plethora of LA based jazz musicians, are fronted by former NBC orchestra drummer and jazz man Marvin “Smitty” Smith. Also, a special panel of jazz artists who knew and played with the iconic drummer Billy Higgins.

With the Performers Alley  you are the special VIP- you can attend the shows live yourself and participate on camera in our Ask the Artists segment, or enjoy this entertaining show from home.
Up close and personal wherever you may be globally,. . . . Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Detroit, London, Paris, Australia, Japan we are world wide. . Your special tickets are only $10.00 (USD) per show.Please note venue prices are not set by Performers Alley, so the price for the live show at venues are different than obvious virtual shows.
You can also follow us on; there you can subscribe and sign up.
For more information contact: Producer/ Host: Robert J 
We are also vetting bands and groups for possible future shows send us your EPK Media Contact: Robert J. Carmack -producer/Host~



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