Donald Byrd  Now Pix  Howard Univ.Coming  this February 8 , a Jazz profile on the late #Donald Byrd, #Detroit- born Soul #Jazzmaster . who passed peacefully in his sleep at age 80 Monday morning. Further information surrounding his death and the memorial services forthcoming as  it becomes available.

(Donald Byrd shown on right)

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  1. Mr. Roberstson says:

    What is your source on this? At the time of this writing there has yet to be any news/confirmation of this made available on the web beyond your blog.


  2. Are you sure this is for real? Your post is being spread all over Facebook, yet no one has seen even one actual news account of this. Have you seen proof of his passing?


  3. You guys are breaking my heart with these rumours of my dear friend’s demise. Please stop!


    1. Bobby, it is not my intentions to break anybody heart. however, an adult family member has verified They are a true relative and know in fact He passed on Monday.. What is not being answered is why haven’t someone denied it or commented or contacted me saying I’m wrong?? No Doubt They are not ready to reveal to public yet.. for whatever reason . I stand on my original story and will remain open to a legal rep or direct family or Donald himself (with all due respect).


  4. Kevin Toney says:

    I’ve heard nothing and absolutely nothing that confirms that Donald Byrd has passed away. I’ve checked with other Blackbyrd members and they have not heard anything to confirm what some people are speculating. There is nothing on the news feeds or internet confirming Byrd has passed on. Let’s all pray for the best health, prosperity and longevity for Donald.


    1. Sorry Kevin, I wish I could tell you what I do know.. only time will reveal the facts. So Mr Byrd can be respectfully honored as a true giant should.


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