Thomas Simmons Hosts New Show Jazz That Soothes Your Soul

Thomas Simmons

Thomas Simmons Hosts ” JAZZ That Soothes Your Soul”

10PM – Midnite EST Friday Nights

BE Sure to Tune in Tonight at  WRFG FM 89.3   10PM EST /  7PM PST 

Thomas Simmons,formerly of WCLK FM in Atlanta , a local iconic Jazz host with a great following of serious  jazz collectors and fans nation-wide via live stream  click on link to stream

Author: Robert J. Carmack

Media Consultant, Digital Marketing and Promotions/Branding Strategies M.F.A. - Theater Arts-Directing/Production Columbia University New York B.A. Degree -Theater Arts/Communications Cal State Univ. Dom. Hills Post-grad education: USC- Film & New Media Quincy Jones Producers Workshop/L.A. California Live in So. California, grew up in Los Angeles

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