Are Baby-Boomer Performers Disrespected in Music Television and Films ??

posted by Robert J. Carmack

Do You Feel Older Performers are Getting Treated Fairly? 

Many times this question gets tossed around by a group of actors & musicians..  and truly I get the same answers, but that’s just from the people who feel its being done to them..Over the coming months, we will further explore and question a few individuals willing to discuss this.   So we are posing this question..Please respond Good , Bad, Indifferent.

One doesn’t have to look too far , when looking at the bevy of  20 something shows dominating the airwaves , including pseudo-reality talent programs. although I have been seeing a higher increase of known movie actors , now being featured in some of the smaller network cable shows. In terms of minority representation on television or movies , It’s even worse. I think we all can agree, the talent pool is quite deeper than we’re being led to believe.

What Your take on the question for all three categories or, just one??  brief comments always welcomed 

Music & Recording Industry   Yes/No

Network Television                     Yes/No

Films                                                 Yes/No


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