posted by Robert J. Carmack
Michael White & Leisei Chen
A Performance Collaboration with Artists in Residence

with Mirza Todorovich photographer/videographer

Saturday January 24th 2015 at 7:30PM
@Harrison House
6881 Mount Lassen Ave. Joshua Tree, CA 92252
tel. 760.366.4712

Tickets available at:

Joshua Tree Health Foods
29 Palms Hwy at Sunset St. Joshua Tree, CA 92252
$15 Donation

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Our upcoming Artists-In-Residence at Harrison House in Joshua Tree
from the New Moon Tuesday 1/20 to 1/24
Creating a new piece RAYS OF ONENESS
A performance collaboration on Saturday 1/24 from 7:30pm open to public
The space is very limited, highly recommend purchase tickets in advance!
Hosted by Eva Soltes, Harrison House Music, Art & Ecology

Michael White Poster 2015  jan 24th

Rays Of Oneness
Inspired by the SUN RAYS
through the kitchen window of Harrison House.
Be ONE with SUN RAYS in the morning, beaming through us
as it’s swirling rainbow colored waves tunnel
through shimmering golden lights.
Be ONE with MOON and STARS RAYS nurturing us
with their silvery glows, showering down on the silence of nights.
Bathing rays of ALL,
through our sounds of LOVE. HEALING. INSPIRATION. HOPE.
We wake up together to our vast infinite possibilities,
return to the ONENESS.
by Leisei & Michael
私達の新作 RAYS OF ONENESS を作曲する予定です