Remembering Award-Winning Producer Composer George Duke

George Duke  and Stanley Clarke Goerge Chaka & Jeffrey O group pix with McCoy & Q with George

Goerge with Patrice Rushen

George Duke  Dream Weaver




















posted by Robert J. Carmack-Los Angeles,CA.

Nothing matches up with the pain when you learn of a family member or close friend ‘s death. That proverbial lump that comes in your throat, after trying to come to grips as to the Why.  No one was more shocked than I early this morning, when a web-based news organization was announcing the death of jazz & Pop Icon, George Duke, who had only died a couple of hours prior to the announcement. Longtime family friend, Sherrie Payne had made a short announcement to a tiny circle of friends. Later on expanding that to include social media outlets. Duke , 67, died from a form of chronic Leukemia. details surrounding his exact death status are closely guarded.  My own personal experience with George Duke , like most people I know , is through his music. My first question in 1970 was , Who is this guy taking over for Joe Zawinul in the Cannonball Adderley Quintet?  Later on, as  a fan, I began to really study George’s music  while attending some great concerts, I quickly realized Duke was something very special…and also as a publicist.  my interviews of  musicians, singers and entertainment “insiders” from, promo-clerks to the upper-crust of the music business, They all would agree  unequivocally that George Duke was under-recognized and unsung  during his very successful  career. His producer’s credit list is literally a “Who’s Who” along with his writing of hits on the POP, SOUL and Jazz charts.  George definitely possessed that “It  Factor” that most entertainers want in their concerts or recording projects.  In a moving tribute to his wife Corine, George presents Dreamweaver’s  Missing You

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