Paying Tribute To Big Bruh Sweet Lou: WE Are One


January 7 date is quickly approaching and marking the  first year since the passing of  Elder Wilson brother, Sweet Lou. WILSON was a founding member of funk group MANDRILL. After four decades in the music business, the Mandrill band is still thrilling audiences world wide. 2014 is no different  with the Wilson Brothers developing new & interesting projects for the new year. Sweet Lou was born in Panama but, moved with his family to Brooklyn in 1968. There, along with brothers RIC and CARLOS they put together the band MANDRILL for which they formed the brass section and they were also featured vocalists. LOU WILSON passed away from  cardiac arrest. He was 71 at the time of his death.

Bobby & Lou

One of the special projects that’s drawing lots of attention is the Lou Wilson Memorial Fund.

To honor the musical vision established by Lou and the Wilson Brothers, a charitable fund is being created in Lou’s name to give children an opportunity to thrive in the arts. This fund-under Mandrill‘s umbrella organization Mosaic Fusion-will formalize and extend that legacy.

Throughout the years, the Wilson Brothers have supported and encouraged children around the world who are pursuing their highest good in the arts, especially music. The surviving brothers want to continue that support because ,they know the arts can help youngsters develop skills and self-esteem necessary to make positive decisions for themselves .. most importantly, lasting contributions to their communities.

Please make your donation to The Lou Wilson Memorial Fund. The tax-exempt status for Mosaic Fusion is pending. You will receive a receipt and letter of appreciation from the Wilson Brothers. Visit the website of Mandrill  and learn more about whats happening with Mandrill  or make a donation to The Lou Wilson Memorial Fund.   

sweet Lou wilson  david

Remembering LOU : Hum a song, play a drum or say a prayer in remembrance of him”.

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