miles-davis-don-cheadle- copy
left-Miles Davis right- actor Don Cheadle

“Jazz Rap”  with the Impresario Al Carter-Bey, the Impressario – the musical host with 30+ years of jazz radio experience, a musical library of 30,000 recordings; keeping the musical history of jazz alive.

Jazz, America’s only original art form, as the American classical art form within the idiom of jazz.  Join the impresario  Al Carter-Bey, along with Vince Wilburn Jr. , eclectic drum stylist & nephew of the great Miles Dewey Davis.  Stream or tune-in  as the two men discuss the new Don Cheadle movie about his uncle,Miles Davis .  Sunday March 30, 2014, 10:00am-2:00pm.  Miles Davis movie coming soon (2014). starring Don Cheadle, as Miles.

WHPK 88.5fm  or,


Author: Robert J. Carmack

Media Consultant, Digital Marketing and Promotions/Branding Strategies M.F.A. - Theater Arts-Directing/Production Columbia University New York B.A. Degree -Theater Arts/Communications Cal State Univ. Dom. Hills Post-grad education: USC- Film & New Media Quincy Jones Producers Workshop/L.A. California Live in So. California, grew up in Los Angeles

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