Award-Winning Playwright Set to Direct Hit Musical Revue Club Alabam

Award-winning Playwright and Poet, Tu’Nook has been tapped to direct the Theatre Perception Consortium’s production, The Club Alabam. It was announced recently by Robert J. Carmack, company Marketing and Media Consultant.
Tu’Nook is an educator,performance poet,playwright and actress. She has been published in Guild Press Anthology,  “Full Circle Eight”, UCLA’s Black English Student Association Journal “TAZ” and, in the anthology, “Butterflies” on the Wind from Hunan/Guild Press Publishing House in China. Tu’Nook also has performed in various poetry venues and theatrical projects in Southern California.
TuNook  Alabam! 007
She is a co-author of the stage play, “Sweetwater Blues”, “DaRoot”, “Return”, and “North On South Central”. a 1940s jazz musical that was a 2004 NAACP Theater Award winner, Howlin’ Blues and Dirty Dogs(the life of Big Mama Thornton) a 2010 NAACP Theater Award winner, and the “Fiancée of Voo Doo. (an African Folktale)
While she takes her work in theater very serious, she still have fun along with her partners  in the TPC, developing performing arts programs for kids  and adults in the City of Inglewood , all with the aid or funding from government.  “After many years of toiling as an educator in the inner-city schools, I’ve learned to work with what I have  and not worry about what I don’t have” said a smiling Tu’Nook ,as she called rehearsal to begin on the current project,The  Club Alabam.
Dates of the music revue  are April 27, May 4 and May 11  Sundays at 4:PM and the venue is, The Performers Corner 214 Hardy Street Inglewood,Calif. 90301  RSVP Tickets preferred  Limited Seating
More info :323-552-8283   or  press/publicity  951-840-7120

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