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Robert The HIPSTER  Carmack spittin' poetry Pasadena,Calif  4/18/15
Robert The HIPSTER Carmack spittin’ poetry
Pasadena,Calif 4/18/15

BAM!!  Now thats what I’m talking about, real jazz and poetry right out of a Bohemian film or a hipster’s pad somewhere on the east coast. Saturday night at the Kingston Cafe was all lit up with fat grooves from the baritone horn of Dale Fielder, who handled that Hog-leg of an instrument like all the guys that came before him on that horn. Pepper Adams, Cecil Payne,Leo Wright, Sahib Shihab and Charles Davis , all well known for dealing with the “beast”. Fielder was on hand with the original Dale Fielder Quartet,along with special guest poet, Robert J. Carmack. Robert is publisher and editor for Hipster Sanctuary.Com.

The original members are Thomas White drums, Bill Markus Bass, Jane Getz on piano and Dale himself ,Soprano, Tenor and Baritone saxes.

DFQ  original group from 1995
DFQ original group from 1995

Dale filled the evening with original compositions penned by himself, one in particular was Resilience , brisk moving composition which allowed the whole band to open up the throttle. Joined on the bandstand by Grammy-winning Recording Engineer/Guitarist, Bob Tucker. “This is dedicated to my band, because they have resilience to last 20+ years.”

Carmack joined the band on stage for a combined effort on one of Fielder’s CD cuts from 2001,Romance Serenade, where Robert recited an amazing original love poem called Up jumped Spring, followed by a riveting piece in tribute to Jackie McLean entitled, LET FREEDOM RING! performed alone on stage as the first set ended. After a brief break, Carmack and Fielder returned for a duet of sax and poem.. Carmack announced the next two poems to be performed was written by a local writer/journalist in Los Angeles, Eric Wattree. A Night to Remember (homage to Coltrane) and A Swingin’ Affair in tribute to Dexter Gordon.

After two swingin’ pieces, one by the hard bop pianist , George Cables. then the quartet closed out the evening’s last set with an old standard gem called , Moonglow. the theme from the movie, Picnic. Treated with kid gloves by the band, the song with a melancholy theme loomed large over the attentive audience that night. The band and poet were rewarded with loud applause for a job well done. everyone had a lot of fun, including Sculptor/Painter,Chukes and Jazz host, Brad Williams from radio KJAZZ 88.1FM  See the early discography of Dale Fielder at the following link …


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