Noted Jazz Master Pianist Mulgrew Miller Hospitalized After Massive Stroke


Mulgrew Miller




#wingspan_With saddening news, I was informed by jazz insiders late this week regarding Jazz Pianist #Mulgrew Miller  was rushed to an unnamed hospital after  suffering  a severe Stroke. Close friends and family are asking fans to keep Mulgrew in their prayers. No details were offered at this time. As more information becomes available,we will share that on this blog. 

Author: Robert J. Carmack

Media Consultant, Digital Marketing and Promotions/Branding Strategies M.F.A. - Theater Arts-Directing/Production Columbia University New York B.A. Degree -Theater Arts/Communications Cal State Univ. Dom. Hills Post-grad education: USC- Film & New Media Quincy Jones Producers Workshop/L.A. California Live in So. California, grew up in Los Angeles

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